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Sunday, February 23, 2014


by Sofia Yulandari  |  at  7:42 PM

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (??? ???? ?????? ?????? )


My name Madam A'ishah Abdul-haleem Ali .from Basrah address:shu'aibabasrah refineryrefinery houses:no.(20)Basrah city .My husband Engineering contractor Basrah oil Refinery company Ltd.Whom was killed by bomblast attack on his way to work. his convoy came under attack by roadside bomb blast killing his driver & body guards,b4 my husband death he received the sum of $11million from the Iraqi UN OIL FOR FOOD PROGRAM, IRAQI OIL MINISTRY for contracts (SOC)SOUTH OIL COMPANY BASRAH. for supplies of equipments & materials re/construction of north & south Ruwaila laying pipe lines oil refinery,destroyed by war.Iraq very bad turning into civil war , shiates against sunnis,our position not good we are not safe and have been in Iraqi house arrest for years with my children because of my late husband oil contract money, This is why the UN intervene and bring us to this country, my purpose to contact you , i need to use your company & invest $11million, as partner with you as my investment manag
er.i am in need of busine

Madam A'ishah Abdul-haleem Ali

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