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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello Friend

by Sofia Yulandari  |  at  5:38 AM

Attn Sir/Mam,
I wish to contact you as a foreign partner who will assist me and my
client,Actually i am working with a UK consulting firm as an operation and
marketing representative for the company for almost five years now and am
on commission agreement with this company which is not suitable for my
living as far as global recess is concern, I have given my company many
customers across the globe.There an opportunity came to me as regards my
job, I have a client who is a retired bank director from the Central Bank
in Republic of Ghana,he is an old man of 86 years now.

He is ready to release some fund ($6.2 Million US Dollars)to me with the
condition that I can manage this fund for an investment but I have decided
to introduce you as my boss in my company that we can manage this fund for
him as he he trusted me so much. He has sign agreement for me that this
fund will be in our possession for 10 years investing the fund in any
sector of economy and we have our own percentage too.

I want to do this without the knowledge of my company, and I have also
submitted a letter of resignation to my company, Because if I bring this
opportunity to them again they will not compensate me, what I need from
you is that I will use your name as my boss so that this man can release
this fund to both of us, He only want to see your name as a foreigner.
This does not require any Experience from you I will do everything in the
transfer of the fund and all documentation with the assistance of the
lawyer so that everything will be legal.

SEND MONEY TO ME. I am only to clarify this for you to understand the
genuity of this partnership, and nothing will be done until the both of us
meet PHYSICALLY I will details you the meeting place and position of this
fund, Once I receive reply from you I will fly from united kingdom to meet
the Old man so that we can talk to you on phone please send your phone
number and name to my email for further
contact and discussions.
Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.
Mr. Peter Alexandra.

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